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9 Sep

I’m now on twitter! Still getting used to it but you can follow me @holycoco


Carine, Je T’aime

6 Sep


Carine Roitfeld has had me beyond excited for her new magazine ‘CR Fashion Book’ for a long time and it’s now exactly a week until issue one is let loose!


The only factor dampening the sheer flurry of frenzy in me is the shipping cost. I have no doubt that this magazine is going to be more than you’re average bi-annual and I would happily pay £100 for the pleasure of just holding it but a shipping cost of $50 is extreme. I know I’ll succumb and I’ll be glad I did but until then I will be scouring Britain for Carine!


Anna Wintour & Carine Roitfeld – Coolest girl gang ever.

I ♥ GQ

6 Sep

The 15th annual GQ men of the year awards took place on Tuesday night and today the special ‘Men of the year 2012’ issue goes on sale.
There are 5 limited edition covers to commemorate this year’s winners –

Tinie Tempah: Solo artist of the year.

Lana Del Rey: Woman of the year.

John Slattery: International man of the year.

James Corden: Man of the year.

Robbie Williams: Icon of the year.

I think this is a good selection of covers and will be hunting down the Lana Del Rey cover for myself. Failing that, it would have to be John Slattery because he’s in ‘Mad Men’ and once played a politician who liked to be peed on in ‘Sex and the City’. Talking of odd politicians, I would have much preferred to have seen Boris Johnson on a cover instead of Robbie Williams.
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Fashion’s Night Out 2012

4 Sep

On Thursday 6th September London plays host to ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ for its fourth year in row.
Now a global event, the celebration of shopping and all things fabulous, takes place in (wait for it) – Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and finally The US where all this began thanks to Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour.

If you’re same boat as me and won’t be going, there is still a way to support this global gathering – buy a t-shirt!



Comes in blue and pink and designed by Jonathan Saunders, it’s available from gap for £18. It’s a cheap way to get involved and a proportion of the proceeds go to the domestic violence charity Refuge.

Island living

3 Sep

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Rosie in real life

1 Sep

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is on Jonathan Ross on ITV in 15 mins!
Think she’s just a Victoria’s secret model? She’s charming, intelligent and beautiful, see for yourself.

Paper or Plastic?

31 Aug

Last year German fashion house Jil Sander sent an item down the runway that caused much discussion and a hefty amount of (unjust) criticism amongst people who had never even heard of the designer a matter of months previously. So what got people all hot under the collar? Was it a man in a wedding dress? No, been done (thankyou Andrej Pejic and Jean Paul Gaultier. Loved it) Had they shaved a bear and thrown it down the runway in a 7″ heel and got the PETA crowd railed up? Nope (please never do this).

It was this-


A bright orange acetate bag, modeled on a regular carrier bag. The $150 pricetag was the main source of rage and bemusement. It did it’s job though, it got people talking and hearing about a brand that otherwise wouldn’t have been thrust into newspapers and been on television.

So hold onto your hats because they’ve done it again!
Drumroll please….. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Vasari!



This is the $290, high durability coated paper bag, with stitched seams and metal eyelets that might get a few critics in a tizz.

It has a charm to it and is certainly in-keeping with the brands minimalist approach to fashion but if brown bagging it isn’t your thing then consider putting $630 over the counter for the black leather version.


Whatever your take is on the bags there’s no denying that they’re a bit of fun and (pricey) frivolity and that’s what fashion should be about. It should cause some debate and get people thinking because there generally isn’t a right answer. It all comes down to personal opinion.