Let the Chic see the Bleak

25 Oct


From undisputed luxury to this; cheap, poorly made and disposable, fast fashion.
So much has been written about how terrible it is to buy clothes that are sold so cheaply for a fast fashion fix, for reasons including labour and the environment, which it is. My issue with this trend, which is as unwelcome as the kitten heel in my opinion, is that the value of clothes gets totally lost.
Of course I’ve succumb to this as much as the next person, but I appreciate the craftsmanship and tailoring of garments that were meant to be worn for years and last a lifetime and more importantly; meant to be loved. An example of this would be a Chanel ‘little black jacket’. It costs on average £1800 and in any high street shop at the moment you can find a lookalike for anything between £19.99 and £99. These may seem like a good alternative for a seemingly unattainable item of clothing but is it really?
Next time you’re out shopping and think that something is good value; have a look. Is it really? How good is the stitching? Will it last a few washes then fall apart? Is it real wool? Chances are that the answer is ‘no’, so save that £10, £20, £50 and put it towards an investment piece. If you were to put aside £50 a month for 3 years you would have enough for a Chanel jacket, a Mullberry bag or a pair or two of Loubotins. These will last forever, be eternally in style and you will love them a lifetime.

“You have to earn a garment like this. I would even go so far as to say that I hope no one could get one by chance. Some people would call it a work of art. Its something to covet and dream about” – Sarah Jessica Parker on the Chanel jacket.


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