Paper or Plastic?

31 Aug

Last year German fashion house Jil Sander sent an item down the runway that caused much discussion and a hefty amount of (unjust) criticism amongst people who had never even heard of the designer a matter of months previously. So what got people all hot under the collar? Was it a man in a wedding dress? No, been done (thankyou Andrej Pejic and Jean Paul Gaultier. Loved it) Had they shaved a bear and thrown it down the runway in a 7″ heel and got the PETA crowd railed up? Nope (please never do this).

It was this-


A bright orange acetate bag, modeled on a regular carrier bag. The $150 pricetag was the main source of rage and bemusement. It did it’s job though, it got people talking and hearing about a brand that otherwise wouldn’t have been thrust into newspapers and been on television.

So hold onto your hats because they’ve done it again!
Drumroll please….. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Vasari!



This is the $290, high durability coated paper bag, with stitched seams and metal eyelets that might get a few critics in a tizz.

It has a charm to it and is certainly in-keeping with the brands minimalist approach to fashion but if brown bagging it isn’t your thing then consider putting $630 over the counter for the black leather version.


Whatever your take is on the bags there’s no denying that they’re a bit of fun and (pricey) frivolity and that’s what fashion should be about. It should cause some debate and get people thinking because there generally isn’t a right answer. It all comes down to personal opinion.


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