A colour change is as good as a holiday

29 Aug

Right now I am pretty smitten with the ombre trend that has been around for most of spring and summer, this being said, I decided it was time to get out the sponges and ombre my nails! You’d understand why I would be apprehensive if you’d seen my first ever attempt but holy coco is no quitter and I had a secret weapon in my arsenal this time – Barry M chameleon colour change nail varnish!
It’s so ridiculously easy to use that even I managed it without the help of a YouTube tutorial and minus all the mess that followed before.
Firstly, it is easy to use. Just paint it on like you would a normal polish (I went for the lilac) then when it’s dry take a top coat and go to town on your nails! I’ve seen a couple of really clever designs out there and am keen to try them for myself but I’ll stick to perfecting this for now.

One coat without a top coat


It looks more like a cornflour blue in the picture but I think that could be the background. It’s more of a silvery lilac and looks beautiful by itself, plus it dries quickly and it only needs one coat.

After spongeing on the top coat for the elusive ombre effect!


It’s not fantastic doing it this way but for a very quick (I’m talking 15 mins max, start to finish) effective take on nail art, it can’t be beaten and it’s essentially 2 polishes for £3.99. I’m interested to see how the blue and pink shades turn out in the flesh too as they seem to photograph better than the lilac/purple combo. So with fairly easy and fuss free ombre nails now in my repertiore I’ll be doing the same to my hair in the next couple weeks. So pass me the bleach and cross your fingers!


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